Hello! My name is Mei-ling, the maker behind multiplecities. I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Oakland, CA in 2008 where I live with my husband and three demon-cats. I have a deep love and respect for textile making, which aside from consuming an obscene amount of scifi is mostly what I spend my time doing. 

The name multiplecities surfaced after I was trying to think of a name that would represent my background - a mixed-raced third-culture kid with family spread across the world. That it sounds like "multiplicitous" smacked of serendipity, as I feel this concept is always present in life, the universe, and everything. 

I'm also passionate about my yoga practice, 80's pop and rock music (QUEEN), and bread products. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is ever-present in my life - I named my cat the Great Prophet Zarquon and my bike the Starship Bistromath, and I am constantly sprinkling references to H2G2 in my writing. My 3 favourite scifi TV series are Farscape, Babylon 5, and Fringe. 

Each of the pieces featured on this site was handmade by me in my studio at home. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and unique.

I approach art-making in a very process driven way. I think about craft, technique, and how I want to use my materials, and go from there. I also love to experiment, and constantly push myself to learn new skills. Currently, I'm drawing inspiration from geometry, Agnes Martin and Josef Albers and of course, science fiction. 

I would be more than happy to start a dialogue about a custom piece you would like made. Please use the contact form linked below to let me know what you've been thinking about, from shapes to colours to materials.